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Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding the customer and buyer journey is crucial for any business that wants to succeed. Think of it like a roadmap that shows how people become aware of a product, consider it, and then decide to buy it.

What is a Customer or Buyers Journey?

By knowing each step of this journey, businesses can create better marketing strategies, improve their products, and provide top-notch service. It's all about making sure customers have a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish. When companies pay attention to the customer journey, they can build stronger relationships with their customers, which often leads to more sales and loyal fans who keep coming back for more. BEAM Automation specialises in customer journey workshops. We chart the path your ideal customer should take, from initial marketing engagement to finalising a sale and nurturing them into loyal, repeat patrons.

Our workshops are done in 3 parts

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Full Customer Journey Mapping Workshops

Our 1-2 day workshops are to better understand your customer, your value proposition, your marketing messages & collateral to engage and track, to whole sales process profile and convert the right customers.

Marketing Optimisation Systems

Marketing across various channels can be costly. Ensure you're investing wisely to maximise returns. Marketing must drive sales; if not, it's wasteful. BEAM Automation offers comprehensive analysis of your marketing efforts and strategies for sales optimisation.

Here are some steps & audits we undertake.

  • Marketing Spend 

  • Collateral review and optimisation

  • Marketing Effectiveness & Conversion 

  • Marketing expenditure analysis

  • Marketing Channel review

  • Inbound and Outbound marketing review

  • Competitor analysis

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Sales Optimisation Systems

Capturing leads or engaging new potential customers is one thing, but to have a solid and robust Sales System to close and upsell/cross sell is even better. We help SME’s craft this process together so that it can work across multiple products and services, plus be adaptable to sales teams that want to expand and easily replicate for new sales staff.

Here are some steps & audits we undertake.

  • Understanding the current sales processes (if any)

  • Clearer understanding of the customer

  • Identify buyer signals and triggers

  • Leavering CRM’s to systemise and automate some the steps

  • Leverage AI to be utilise and aid in the journey

  • Crafting easy sales tools for teams to use, but also make the buying process easier for the customer

  • Reporting on Sales performance for teams and managers

Other aspects we look at...

  • See where gaps and identify more opportunities

  • See where you’re spending & wasting expenditure

  • Identify what channels are working and converting best

  • Identity the best channels where your audience lives

  • Strategic ways to amplify offering or messaging

  • Develop a clear pathway from prospect to customer stage

  • Fill sales funnels

  • Minimise spend - maximise conversions

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Pricing varies depending if it's just 1 part or all 3 parts needed. Please get in touch for a custom pricing. Conducted both in person and offline.

Where to start?

Look to book a 30 min consultation with us first, to identify what areas need most assistance and to be priced accordingly.