iStock-1459654503-hdr BEAM Automation - Sales Automation = Less time wasters, more sales meetings.

Sales Automation = Less time wasters, more sales meetings.

Have you ever heard of the term "tyre kickers"? It's a funny phrase that salespeople use for folks who seem interested in buying something but never actually do. They take up a lot of time and energy, and in the end, they don't buy. This is where sales automation comes in handy, not just for finding new leads but also for making sure those leads are actually worth your time.

What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation uses software to take over some of the tasks that sales teams do every day. This includes sending emails, updating customer info, and yes, finding new potential customers or "leads". But it's not just about getting a long list of names. It's about finding the right people who are more likely to buy what you're selling.

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Qualifying Leads: The Secret Sauce

The real magic of sales automation is how it can help qualify leads. This means figuring out which leads are good fits for what you're selling. How does it do this? By using a process called lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is like growing a plant. You start with a seed (the lead) and give it water and sunlight (emails, content, and more) over time. As the plant grows, you can tell if it's healthy and strong or if it might not make it. With leads, as you nurture them, you learn more about their needs and if they're really interested in buying.

No More Time Wasters

When sales automation takes care of qualifying leads, it means your sales team doesn't have to deal with tyre kickers. Instead, they get to talk to people who are already interested and informed about what you offer. These high-quality prospects are much more likely to become customers, which is great news for everyone.

Freeing Up Time for What Matters

With sales automation handling the search and qualification of leads, your sales team has more time to focus on preparing for and holding sales meetings. This is important because even though automation can do a lot, it can't make the sale for you. That's where the human touch comes in. Your sales team can use their skills to build relationships and close deals.

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istock-1461343540 BEAM Automation - Sales Automation = Less time wasters, more sales meetings.

In Summary...

Sales automation is a powerful tool that does more than just find leads. It helps make sure those leads are worth pursuing. By using sales automation to qualify leads through nurturing, sales teams can spend less time on the hunt and more time doing what they do best: selling. So, if you want to say goodbye to tyre kickers and hello to better prospects, sales automation might just be what you need.

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